Cruise plan C entitled "trip to feel nature, history, culture of middle Izu whom we spend elegant time in excellent inn, and great writer loved".

We will show around one of the accommodations to show around by plan, "arcana izu" (arukanaizu).

■Yugashima Onsen, "arcana izu" (arukanaizu)

"arcana izu" (arukanaizu) in middle Izu, Yugashima Onsen can look at deep forest and is accommodation having appearance such as hideaway surrounded in forest.

We can hear the murmuring of sound and mountain stream of wind across forest in suite with outdoor bath in all rooms,

It seems to be let heart and soul loose slowly when it soaks in hot water flowing constantly from the source of Yugashima.

Please have supreme French which made use of ingredients selected carefully which Izu blessed with seasonal ingredients is proud of.

Please go to spend time when ze;zei was exerted to excellent inn, arcana izu (arukanaizu) of Izu.

Room 1 Dishes ※It is room and an example of meal.

S7401597Greetings from "arcana izu" (arukanaizu) Manager Satoru Sasaki

"arukanaizu is atmospheric auberge.

Room does not have TV and movement to restaurant goes out, too and uses stairs.

Flavor of scenery and forest of mountain to go down apart from convenience, but to see in room simply because we spend time in such a space,

Sound of the Kano River flowing below, sense of gravel to feel to be in entrance, opening of meal in tapa having you take by hand and have….

It is a time far apart from all daily life.

Please come to taste a deluxe time to do nothing tasting scenery and ingredients changing every season pleasing."

Application for tour departing November, 2020 from this