"THE ROYAL EXPRESS - HOKKAIDO CRUISE TRAIN ..." traveled, and it started from Friday, August 28.


In Nature of Hokkaido to boast of to the world, it will rotate for 4 days and 3 nights.

If we may see THE ROYAL EXPRESS running through north Daichi during this period,

We take photograph by all means and soak "# hokkaidolove" and would appreciate your sending in SNS.

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When we have you soak "# hokkaidolove" and post on SNS

HOKKAIDO LOVE! On special homepage of project

We introduce.




■Contribution method

Step1 HOKKAIDO LOVE! official account

@We respond in hokkaidolove_official

We prepare Step2 photograph and video

THE ROYAL EXPRESS prepares photograph and video of running on the earth of magnificent Hokkaido.

We post Step3 photograph and video

We soak hashtag "# hokkaidolove" and post.


For more details, please confirm official site.