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We planned offer of lunch in train of the tour second day in "nichihonryorikishin"

On account of the cook, it was decided that we changed as follows.


As "artisan coloring the stage of trip" "wakkanupuri chef Yudai Ito"

We will provide dishes which we provided for Hokkaido Cruise.


Menu utilized seasonal foods which yearn for Hokkaido and the land, and are brought up by very large Daichi,

Season and taste that we cannot taste when one article of one article does not visit the place.

Please taste special dish that the subject matter that Eastern Hokkaido is proud of was expressed to the maximum to all of the participation of trip.


"wakkanupuri" (Japanese dishes) ※The second day: Offer of lunch in train

The person Dishes

wakkanupuri chef Yudai Ito            ※Photograph is image


One set-limited accommodations "wakkanupuri" which nestles calmly in Eastern Hokkaido of Hokkaido, the shore of Lake Kussharo a day.

Is built in shore of Lake Kussharo in Mashu, Akan national park of Eastern Hokkaido, on water (wakka) and mountain (nupuri)

According to the name called surrounded accommodation, we can thoroughly enjoy seasonal view of Nature through one year.

Lake Kussharo spreading under eyes is maximum caldera lake in the second, the country in the world,

We are proud of scale of the best part, and there seems to be characteristic that water is very beautiful again in spite of huge lake.

Under the theme of "taste season of Eastern Hokkaido exhaustively" chef of Japanese dishes ray one one of the material

Nature of Hokkaido will provide felt cooking with ingredients which we examine closely and collected.

Even Hokkaido Cruise train will provide seasonal dishes which kept on being particular about fresh ingredients of Eastern Hokkaido of Hokkaido thoroughly.

Please enjoy Japanese dishes of wakkanupuri in train.

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