Thank you very much for usually using THE ROYAL EXPRESS more.

THE ROYAL EXPRESS continued suspension for new coronavirus kansenshokaku ⼤ ⽌-proof from March, 2020,

We performed new coronavirus infection preventive measures and decided to reopen service from Friday, July 3.

In the customer who had to wait for ride for a long time, sorry to have kept you waiting very much.

In addition, you were not able to take about service from March through June in 2020 in July

We do not accept new application to guide customer for priority sequentially.


In addition, to have customer of ride enjoy "beauty, trip to glitter." in security, relief,

We perform perfect approach based on various guidelines and, for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, will travel.

■Preventive measures against THE ROYAL EXPRESS new model coronavirus infection are this


■Plan of running of July

It departs Friday for Cruise plan A7 ten days a month

Ride plan (one-way ride) Friday, July 3 with meal, from Friday, July 10 JR Yokohama (at around 11:50)



In addition, we do not have service between Yokohama Station - Izukyu-Shimoda Station in August and September for "THE ROYAL EXPRESS - HOKKAIDO CRUSE TRAIN ...".

As tell about running after October at any time on homepages as soon as the details are decided, thank you for your cooperation.


We look forward to be able to enjoy reliable "beauty, trip to glitter." by security to crew, all the staff, all of you.