Thank you for usually using THE ROYAL HOUSE.


So that, in THE ROYAL HOUSE, customer can come in peace

We will carry out the following new coronavirus infection prophylaxis.

In the customer, it seems to be available in peace

I would like cooperation for wearing of mask at the time of entering a shop, infection prophylaxis including disinfection of finger.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation to customer.


■Approach at store

・Setting of finger alcohol antiseptic solution to store entrance

・Setting of prevention of spray sheet to cash register counter

・Periodical disinfection, thorough cleaning (table, chair, tableware)

・Wearing of mask of the staff and gloves

・We keep distance of customer and the staff appropriately (seat layout change, change of store entrance)

・Change to the check method through cash tray

・Conduct of periodical ventilation in shop that we open window


■Health care of the staff

・Thermometry (stop that goes to work when there are fever and poor physical condition) before attendance

・Wearing of mask at the time of arriving and leaving office

・At the time of attendance and working periodical hand-washing, gargle, conduct of finger alcohol disinfection


■Request for cooperation to customer

・Customer who is poor in fever and physical condition would appreciate your refraining from visit.

・As we carry out thermometry (we measure with non-contact type thermometer) of customer in the case of visit, I would like cooperation.

(when you can confirm fever 37.5 degrees or more, please refrain from entering a shop.)

・In the case of entering a shop, I would like cooperation for wearing of mask.

・I would like cooperation in finger alcohol disinfection on entering a shop.

・I would like consideration to distance and a cough etiquette with other customers.

・When you have to wait for entering a shop and the check, cooperation, please to have you leave constant interval and line up.

・When it is felt that physical condition is poor at the time of the use, please offer store to the staff.


In addition, in addition to the measures mentioned above, we will carry out infection prophylaxis according to various guidelines.

We sincerely look forward to visit of customer.