Thank you very much for usually using THE ROYAL EXPRESS more.

Based on approach of prevention of this new coronavirus infection spread besides,

At present, we judge that it is difficult to offer service of THE ROYAL EXPRESS to customer,

As we decided some running cancellation of tour departing April, we will tell.

Customer that the trip to THE ROYAL EXPRESS was looked forward to and THE ROYAL EXPRESS

We would appreciate your understanding to all of you supporting.

In addition, our tour desk will inform customer that departure was planned on running cancellation and the date when we did.


■Plan of running cancellation

It departs Friday for Cruise plan A4 three days a month

Cruise plan B4 five days a month Sunday departure, Sunday, April 12 departure

It departs Monday for Cruise plan C4 13 days a month


Ride plan with meal (one-way ride)

Friday, April 3, from Friday, April 10 JR Yokohama (at around 11:50)

Monday, April 6, from Monday, April 13 Izukyu-Shimoda (at around 10:25)

Monday, April 6, from Monday, April 13 JR Yokohama (at around 13:45)



Of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread future about running after April 17

It will be decided by the approach situation.

As tell at any time on homepages, thank you for your cooperation.