About application for THE ROYAL EXPRESS tour (lottery system) to be available in June, 2020, we started acceptance.
We sincerely look forward to application from all of you.

Application from this

[service day and setting plan]
■Cruise plan (2 days and 1 night: with sightseeing in accommodation, field)■
Outward trip or return journey takes THE ROYAL EXPRESS (platinum class with meal), as for accommodation and the local sightseeing
By plan of 2 days and 1 night when we were bundled, crew of THE ROYAL EXPRESS in the car will guide from departure to return.

Cruise A
It departs Friday, June 5, 2020, Friday, June 19
6aCruise B
It departs Sunday, June 7, 2020, Sunday, June 21
6bCruise C
It departs Monday, June 8, 2020, Monday, June 15, Monday, June 22
6c■Ride plan with meal (one-way ride)■
Plan that attached lunch with one-way rides from Izukyu-Shimoda or Izukyu-Shimoda to JR Yokohama (as for some plans Ito) from JR Yokohama.
In the platinum class, course dishes, gold class are included in drink charges including alcohol by meal of nest of boxes-style with both classes.
In addition, we offer family sheet where adult and children line up in gold class and can sit.
[at JR Yokohama around 11:50] It departs Friday, June 5, Friday, June 12, Friday, June 19
[at Izukyu-Shimoda around 10:25] It departs Monday, June 8, Monday, June 15, Monday, June 22
[at JR Yokohama around 13:45] It departs Monday, June 8, Monday, June 15, Monday, June 22
[at Izukyu-Shimoda around 10:40] It departs Sunday, June 14 ※It becomes ride to Ito


[application method]
●Until application period Monday, April 6, 2020 23:59 ※Mail comes to have to arrive by Monday, April 6.
●We include monkey by homepage or mail.
・Application on homepage from this
・Application by mail would like request for material. I send brochure and exclusive application.
●Customer who wants request for material
・Request for material page from this
・Please see terms and conditions book before application by all means.
・In the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery.
・We do lottery result by postcard regardless of election, defeat from around Friday, April 17.
(please refrain from inquiry over telephone)

■It is included in tour costs
Railway fare, rate, the meal price in the car, the drink price (is excluded partly) including alcohol that stated clearly in trip, service in the car and
As for the consumption taxes, it is tax.
※Cruise plan includes the accommodation price, entrance admission fee, exclusive car (the car for hire bus price).
・We accept application from adult one person. (as for some plans more than adult two people)
・Cancellation after payment charges predetermined cancellation fee by proposing day.
(as for the Cruise plan, as for the ride plan with meal, cancellation fee takes from 10 days before the departure date from 20 days before the departure date)
・Tour conductor will not go together. (crew of THE ROYAL EXPRESS in the car will guide)
■Trip plan, conduct
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