[ready-made decoration of young bird] of ready-made decoration birthplace Izuinatori of young bird and [Suruga young bird tool] of Shizuoka folkcraft color by multi-car (the third car) gorgeously this time from March. Warm thought of parent praying for healthy growth of girl is loaded doll of one one handcrafted in Inatori original manners and customs with.
Tool for Suruga young bird which the beautiful highest-level technique and the skill of artisan to reach traditionally in genuine Shizuoka that to hang, and decoration spread all over the inside of car and reached again from the Edo era that local everybody made on stage of THE ROYAL EXPRESS with one stitch of one stitch feeling gathered.
Please enjoy the Doll's Festival colored in the inside of car of THE ROYAL EXPRESS.
Young bird

※The details of March, 2020, April departure from this