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Stage "THE ROYAL HOUSE" of new trip will open in the mountaintop of Shimoda ropeway on Friday, August 30.

By design, design of Eiji Mitooka, you use tree abundantly and are studded with folkcrafts in each place, and it is in space that was particular about furniture, and beautiful view to expect Gulf of Shimoda in private room and earth wall surrounded by member of a group work from finished tea-ceremony room spreads and can spend a time of elegant trip. In addition, on the day of the opening, we perform open commemorative concert (all three times performances) by Atsuhide Osako of sound trip director.

※Open commemorative concert has a limit at seat.



■Business hours 10:00-16:30 (last order 16:00)

※There is change by service of Shimoda ropeway.

■About 50 seats of number of the seats


<meal> From 11:00 to 14:00

... seasonal incense bower specially made spicy curry ... with ground meat

・Cutlet curry (seasonal incense bower-style) 1,200 yen (tax-included)

... pasta (220 g) ...

・Japanese-style spaghetti 1,000 yen (tax-included) of noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth whitebait and a good mushrooms

... sandwich ...

・Fried horse mackerel sand 900 yen (tax-included)


・Sherbet specially made snow cone (Matcha, peach, the finest pistachio) 600 yen ... (tax-included)


※Seasonal incense bower (Genshirou Saitou, Tatsuhiko Koga) where offer menu acts as the dishes supervision of "THE ROYAL EXPRESS" supervises menu.

(seasonal incense bower:



・Blended coffee

(mikafeto supervision THE ROYAL HOUSE original blend) 400 yen (tax-included)

・Cafe au lait 450 yen (tax-included)

・Mandarin orange juice for hands, new summer cider 400 yen (tax-included)

・Craft beer Izu ale 700 yen (tax-included)