We were supported by many local people and heaped up area together, and THE ROYAL EXPRESS greeted customer until now.

With everyday appreciation, we invited local children to train and celebrated graduation, graduation together.

We observe the inside of car of THE ROYAL EXPRESS by guidance of crew and hold graduation, graduation ceremony using multi-space of the third car on that day. By ceremony, Atsuhide Osako of sound trip director who played in the inside of car of present of souvenir of graduation, graduation and THE ROYAL EXPRESS celebrated and rushed and had you attach bloom to departure of the departure in special concert by live performance of violin.

In children, we hear stories of customer coming to Izu on technique and feelings of craftsman loaded train with, thought of crew, this train and are glad if it is a chance to have charm of Izu area and attachment, pride to hometown feel some other time.

In closing, many congratulations on graduation graduation, graduation everybody who reached graduation, protectors. We sincerely expect more and more achievement of everybody who was with shining eyes for the new departure, too.


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