The first wedding ceremony was held in THE ROYAL EXPRESS on September 8.

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THE ROYAL LOUNGE which became the starting point of trip usually became the public expression venue.
Welcome board and poster of Eiji Mitooka design which is designer of THE ROYAL EXPRESS color fine day. In addition, sealing of "THE WEDDING TREE" where Mitooka was designed for two people guests is repeated like leaf and becomes proof of marriage approval.

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Smile of guests surrounds bridegroom, the bride going ahead through wedding lord of royal blue that is symbol color of THE ROYAL EXPRESS.

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It was promised that two people made family full of smiles with ring exchange and sealing of bridal couple to "THE WEDDING TREE".

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We move venue to THE ROYAL EXPRESS.
We receive seeing off of Stationmaster Yokohama and station employee of Tokyu and leave. In the inside of car, warm blessing was given bridal couple.

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By multi-car of the third car, cutting to bouquet pulls and wedding cake, the first part-time job were carried out. As for the big bread which came up at the first byte, father of the bride is specially made.
Afterwards, it is said hello to guests in Ticket Ceremony (the examination of tickets) by two people who wore uniform of THE ROYAL EXPRESS crew. And THE ROYAL EXPRESS arrived at Izukyu-Shimoda Station.


In wedding ceremony that smile and love rise, and overflowed, the staff is full of impression and appreciation, too.
Is long; in happiness!

All the THE ROYAL EXPRESS crew staff