About application

About application

We accept application for THE ROYAL EXPRESS tour by homepage or mail.
In the case of a lot of applications, we should draw lots.

  1. From homepage
    In the case of application

    Apply for "it departs June, 2020" than the following.

    ※Application acceptance of "THE ROYAL EXPRESS - HOKKAIDO CRUISE TRAIN ..." was finished.

  2. In the case of application by mail

    We will send brochure when you contact THE ROYAL EXPRESS tour desk on the telephone. Please send back to application enclosing in brochure with self-addressed envelope after filling out the requirements.

    THE ROYAL EXPRESS tour desk
    Business hours: From 10:00 to 17:00
    Regular holiday: Water, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays

※As there is the deadline of application each, please be careful.